My pretty move to Brackets

PHPDesigner is my very first IDE when I started to code. Then I moved to Dreamweaver which was a product of Macromedia during that time. It had been a favourite editor during most of my developer life time, but I rarely used additional extensions and themes along with it as they are not easily available.  I was comfortable with its default theme and I’m too familiar with its color scheme and I like it. There are some drawbacks of Dreamweaver – it is not lightweight; It is no easy-to-install; it is a proprietary software; it is not available for Linux. Linux solution is my major concern as I’m moving to Linux from Windows. I had to find a replacement of Dreamweaver.

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Formatting code block in Google docs

In the last few days, I was looking for how to format a code block in my Google doc. After a few minutes I googled, I found a very useful Google Docs add-on Code Pretty. Just needs to select the code text you want to format and its “Format Selection” is pretty nice. The only con is that you cannot choose the programming language you want to format.

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