6 Tips I love in Google Docs

I have been using Google Docs in replacement of Microsoft Office. The main reason I’m using Google Docs is that I can access my documents anywhere and there are a lot of features I found useful in Google Docs. Amongst, I complied 6 tips I love.

1. Adding a web link address easier

If you add a link from the menu “Insert >> Link (Ctrl+K)”, it will find a web address related to your selected text and present it to you to choose. link

2. Feel Google Search in your document

You can search the web from the right-click context menu for your choice of words. Alternatively, you can select the menu “Tools >> Research”. The web result will be shown up in the right panel. Reference

3. Easy to generate table of contents

Generating table of contents is quite easy in Google Docs. Just add the headings in your document and place your cursor at the top, and then invoke the menu “Insert >> Table of contents”. table-of-contents

4. Export as PDF

Exporting and saving your file as PDF is handy and fairly simple in Google Docs. Select the menu “File >> Download as >> PDF Document (.pdf)”.

5. Sharing among team members

One of the perquisites of using Docs, Sheets, and Slides is that you can invite others to view, edit, or comment on any file or folder you choose. It makes the team collaboration better. Like always, just click the big, blue “Share” button at the top of an open file.

6. Nice formatting your code block

Sometimes, you may want to format a code block in your doc. The useful Google Docs add-on Code Pretty will help you in this case. I wrote this topic in another post.

Google Docs is always improving

Google Docs is a continually changing work in progress. Google introduces new features on a rolling basis. A good way of keeping up with the additions is to monitor the Google Docs Blog, which the team behind Docs writes.


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